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Built in 60: Resolve to Live Your Best Life


Built in 60: Resolve to Live Your Best Life
Deep in the backwoods of Maine on a large plot of land, a newly transplanted duo is planning to take over the world, one fit human at a time.

This fall, Amber Dodzweit Riposta and Andrew Riposta were busy decking out their new house, transforming their garage into a workout haven, rescuing dogs and learning to love madras. Now, as they battle the unfamiliar winter weather, they are looking toward the future, envisioning Maine-based retreats and wellness weekends where they invite people into their “home” and send them back with a new lifestyle.

This transformative concept is what laid the foundation for their new online education program called Built in 60 — a total-body wellness plan in which Amber created the workouts, Andrew designed the nutrition and together they aim to, as they say, “optimize the human state.”

Amber Dodzweit Riposta and Andrew Riposta - Built in 60 coaches.
“We love the notion that your body and your life are something you build step by step from the ground up,” Amber says. “You get out of it what you put into it.”“The goal is to lay a strong foundation to get quick, lasting results,” Andrew says. “It’s important to us that people have tools for life, not just for the duration of our programs, and if you build new habits, they turn into a lifestyle.”

The Ripostas are the perfect pair to design such a plan: Amber has the training chops to compile a killer workout regimen, and Andrew has the nutrition know-how to help fuel those workouts while also burning fat. Thus, the workouts and meals work symbiotically.

“A periodized training program is effective, but when paired with a periodized nutrition program, you get both the performance results and the aesthetic results you want,” Andrew says. “As the training routines increase in difficulty, the nutrition shifts to optimize the body’s capacity to build muscle and burn maximum amounts of fat,” Amber adds.

“People can expect to develop a strong and defined physique without feeling deprived, and they will learn a new lifestyle that will finally make their goals achievable,” Amber says.

The Workouts

The Built in 60 workouts were created with results in mind. “They are simple routines, but they sneak up on you and you’ll be wondering, What the heck just happened?” Amber says.

The workouts incorporate a bevy of protocols, including supersets, drop sets, Tabatas, EMOMs (every minute on the minute) and AMRAPs (as many reps/rounds as possible). “These progressive routines use highly effective moves for serious muscle building and major fat burning,” Amber says. “There is a wide range of routines that target agility, balance, endurance and strength with a gradually progressing schedule that constantly challenges the body and gets you results.”

Here’s a sample of the kind of workouts you’ll get when you sign up for Built in 60.

Built in 60 Full-Body Circuit


Complete 20 minutes of light- to moderate-intensity cardio and dynamic stretching.


Complete four rounds of the following workout. Rest one minute between rounds.

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