February 10

This approach to wellness might surprise you


If nothing changes, nothing changes. When you look at the bigger picture, all life changes are built up of small steps and actions. It can be easy to get overwhelmed when you try to take on too much at full-force, but that’s why taking a less-is-more approach is powerful. 

In today’s episode, Robin discusses what it means to take a less-is-more approach and how to make those small steps. She explains the importance of consistency and following through with habits so they compound over time. Join Robin in this inspiring episode to learn more. 

Show highlights: what you can look forward to in this episode!

Robin shares how she uses her vision board to ground herself How to take a less-is-more approach in your fitness The impact 15 minutes a day can have on your fitnessThe power of consistency The compound effect of daily habits Robin shares success stories from women in the sisterhood How to make healthy habits and set yourself up for success 4 small steps you can do today for future you  

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