January 27

Tricks I use when I’m lacking motivation


We tend to put pressure on ourselves to be the best, most motivated versions of ourselves at all times. It’s important to acknowledge that motivation ebbs and flows, and we’ll always have ups and downs. 

In today’s episode, Robin shares her top tips to get motivated (because she isn’t always motivated either!) and prepare yourself for the roadblock of sluggishness. She shares how you can create an environment to rely on when your motivations are low and ways to prompt yourself into getting movement.

Join Robin and a few special guests on this journey of wellness and tune into this episode to learn how you can overcome the waves of feeling unmotivated. 

Show highlights: what you can look forward to in this episode!

What makes it difficult to find motivation to workout The biggest mistakes people make when overcommitting  Why 10 minutes is enough to help you break the streak Utilizing community to help you How the people you follow can influence your inspiration and motivation The importance of recognizing that motivation comes in waves How imagining how good your body will feel after a workout can motivate you Imagine what the healthiest version of yourself would do Members of the Balanced Life Team share their tricks for staying motivated 

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