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Two Trap-Building Workouts for Women


Two Trap-Building Workouts for Women

The trapezius spreads across your back, neck and shoulder blades, covering the rhomboids and helping define the V-shape of the latissimus dorsi. Because of its size, various zones perform different functions: The upper traps draw your scapulae upward and allow you to shrug, the lower traps pull your shoulder blades downward, and the middle traps pull your shoulder blades inward toward your spine.

Though these functions all take place on the reg, your upper traps tend to get the most work, either from sitting slumped over at work or because of too much shoulder work where the traps are primary or secondary movers. To maintain a balance of power and achieve optimal symmetry, it’s necessary to intentionally strengthen your middle and lower traps with moves like this.

Form: Cable Wide-Grip Row

Cable Wide-Grip Row
Set a cable pulley to about shoulder height and attach a lat pulldown bar to the end. Hold the bar with your hands outside shoulder-width apart with an overhand or underhand grip — whichever is most comfortable. Your grip does not make a huge difference when it comes to engaging the target muscles.Face the machine and hold the bar with your arms and elbows straight and slightly below shoulder height. Above this level, your scapulae start to rotate and slide upward, disengaging the lower and middle traps and allowing the upper traps to take over.Keep your elbows high and drive your elbows rearward, drawing your shoulder blades together as tightly as possible as if squeezing a pencil in between them. As you pull the bar toward your upper chest, exhale forcefully. This will remind you to keep your core engaged to support your spine.You may not be able to get the bar all the way to your chest — this is normal. Don’t try to increase your range of motion by arching your back and/or flaring your rib cage, which only stresses your lower back. Instead, keep your core braced and your ribs positioned over your hips.Also, avoid thrusting your chin forward in an effort to pull the bar back a little farther. This engages the neck extensors and upper traps and trains poor posture, so ensure your chin stays tucked and level with the floor, aligned with your ears and shoulders.Slowly extend to the start, resisting the pull of the cable to work the eccentric muscle contraction on the return.This move can be done standing or seated: Standing requires more core and gluteal engagement to maintain balance, while sitting allows you to focus more on the mind/muscle link with your back.

Sample Form Trap Workout

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